Dollywood @ Christmas
Part 2: The Final Chapter

Well it's been at least 2 weeks since our last Dollywood at Christmas update, so guess what? We decided to go back to Dollywood!

This trip was extra "special" because we brought our "special" friend from Ohio.

I had plenty of warm buns to keep my hands from getting cold. Now I need an oinment to get rid of the burning sensation that I am still feeling.

Clark Griswold helped with the lights at Dollywood this year.

Wow, we added a Beaver to our group. He is the leader of The Fun Factory. A group of highly motivated swingers turned coaster enthusiasts.

We prayed to the Downs Angel to make sure we had good weather today.

What would a T&J update be without some ghey ass picture?

Ok, back to the regular pics. The sausages come in small, medium, and HUGE...but all are cut and sizzling.

Here I am doing my Shannon Doherty impersonation. James is just...well, just being James.

While we were eating, we had our first Kenny Rogers sighting of the day.

After a delicious meal, we hopped on our scooters and headed over to Thunderhead.

Brad: How to I lose these freaks?
James: I'm hungry
Alicia: I have a thing for Jamesss.
Kris: Wanna see a pic of this huge turd on my cell phone?

While Kris did his "angry southerner" face (copyright Robb Alvey) James kept it real in the 803rd while B-Rad showed us his new lip injections.

Thank GOD I was being protected by these "Winter Ninjas" on Thunderhead becuase I had a stalker sitting next to me.


No that is not Joe C. bending over. That huge hole is where the topple tower is being constructed for 2006. Judging from the size of that Joe...I mean hole, that is going to be a really huge tower!


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