Wild Adventures

Welcome to Wild Assventures. Once of my favorite parks...in Valdosta, GA. We go at
least once a year and I always have fun when I be here.

James is laughing at the homosensuals in the ticket line that can't afford season passes.

Always keepin in real at the Dub A.

Here is a shot around the lagoon/swamp in the middle of the park. Boomerang, one of the smoother boomerangs in the world, was down but should be up in a few days.

Notice how they warn you about their family Vekoma.

Here you can see the gator pit under swamp thing...awaiting the gators.

Another view.

"Mommy! The gator bit off my leg!"

How many people in this picture have had their own bug problems?

Lots of colorful coasters and stuff.

Here you can see they Bug Out. A fun wild mouse. Also Chaos and other shizz.

My cousin joined us deuceday. She be known as Hore Face Killa..and I, the amazing
Nut Sack Slinga...together known as Bertha Back Stabba...our new reket coming out soon on Psychopathic...like WHUTTT!.

There was actually a crowd at the park today, on a Sunday for Christ's sake.

I likes they flying things.

This time I went to a show. The Tiger show.

This dude said he got his ear ripped of before by one of these cats.

Again, there were actual people in the park today!

Then we went ova to Hangman...again, a smooth Vekoma coaster at Wild Adventures.

Even tho it looks painful, it's not. Tommy likey.

Ice is not the only thing shaved in this photo.

Hey, they can move it to Cypress if need be.

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