Magic Kingdom
Florida Extravaganza 2007

We arrive at the Magic Kingdom as we always do.... the nose of the Monorail. Don't hate.

Where Dreams Come True...for the right price.

Did I mention that it's like 4:30 and this place looks dead?

Yeah hi Johnny, lay off on the pop tarts.

Representin' at the Castle!

Wow, how did I get 12 Space Mountain Fast Passes with only one ticket?
Disney secretsssss....

Brandi pulled a Brittany on the People Mover....yeah hi, close that shizz.

Wow, 12 more Fast Passes......Disney secretsssss.

...and know the rest.

Welcome to hell.

Looks like my expose' last year on the pickle and the zip lock has been taken care
of this year.

James loves they BTMR.

Ewww, this reminds me of a page 6 story that I heard.

Speaking of page 6....

Everyone loves it when Pooh gets a shot to the face.

Day deuce at Magic Kingdom. Can you spot the three queens/ferries in this pic?

Jeffrey made us take the ferry ova this time so we would not leave him in the back of the monorail with the kiddies.

Hi Alicia!

This was my first credit on the Tiki Room....ever! Can you believe that?

You is NAST!

And of course Jarsh, filling in for Joe, had to go visit the Dukes.

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