Disney MGM Studios
Florida Extravaganza 2007

It's so cool to wake up and look out your window to see this in the morning.

Look at the baby and her momma getting they eat on.

Today we arrive at MGM for our last day in Orlando.

Remind me to skip this day, mmmkay?

For all you blind folks out there, here is the braile map to help you find your way around.
Can you see it? It's right there.

Time for TOT bitches!

Oh snap! It's being guarded by a GAP member....but it says Mark?

It's Barron and it's his last day at TOT. He lost his name tag and did not want to fork
out $5 for another. ELL OH ELL!

Barron hooked us up with a tour of TOT's control room and no wait solo rides. Don't hate.

They is doing some work on the ride. I guess it was starting to look too new, so it's time to make it look old again.

Our first of many solo rides. Again, don't hate.

Look at all the room we have.

Sorry Jeffrey!

Here you can see the crane for the new tower they are building. It's a secret so don't tell.

Re-re is missing his legs. He loves rolley rides.

Time to get our eat on at the Brown eye...I mean, Derby.

Remember James, Joan is always watching over you..always. Nice hat btw.

"Gawed, these prices are crazy? Where are the desserts?"

Why the HELL would you add corn to scallops? EWWW to the YOUUUU!

Yeah, Jeffrey could take that in one bite!

Look who we ran into...it's Brandon! Gappers are all ova WDW this week?

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