Florida Extravaganza 2007

James is all excited to go to his favorite park, EPCOT!

They are having they shrubs and flower festival or whatever. I mean, what could be more ghey than a Peter Pan made out of flowers?

We saw Lindsay Lohan but she was being all snobbish so we were all whatever!

For any of our stalker...oops, I mean fans..oops, I mean friends out there that was to find our pic at Epcot, hurr is the location. We are on the right, in the middle...duh.

FYI, Jarsh stole this pic after I took it, so yeah.

For those of you out there that have never been to Epcot, this is what the top of Spaceship Earth looks like. How cool, right?

Mickey shaped pumpkins!

There are two things that you can bet your ass on. One is that WDW is open 365 days
a year, and number two, Jarsh will never eat any meal without a pastry....EVER!!!

Oh no they di'ent! They gots my Uncrustables up in hurr!

Glamour Shots in the Sorin' que are also available.

Wonders of Life....wonder why it has not been torn down.

Joe shows up with a real girl. When he said he was bringing a girl, I assumed it would be Anthony. Oh look, it's noon and he has already had two Coronas and now a glass of wine. Hope Epcot security has not been notified this time.

Yeeeahhhh. Hey Jarsh, you know we are going on a cruise in a few days right?

Slowly the liquor began to work it's magical spell and bring the wicked witch out of her mood.

Sorry, not impressed with your "learned smile" Joe. Keep at it.

Oh wow, this looks familar.
If it were not for me, you bitches would not have any Myspace pics.

Awww, they make peace after THIS incident.

How many people are buzzed in this pic?

Ok so the funny thing about this pic is that I can actually see James wearing this.

Brandi those are plastic glasses, you CAN throw them away you lush whooore!

What? Were you expecting to see pics of Epcot or something?

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