Disney's Animal Kingdom
Florida Extravaganza 2007

Today we begin our Disney adventure with Animal Kingdom.

Yeah hi, first things first. We head ova to Everest.

They shrubs is really filling in now around they mountain.

Once you reach the multi-colored, catheter penis statue, you have arrived.

Ewwww you, they got corn in the que. Vomit.

Brandi prefers the one arm in the air, so that her pits won't knock Jarsh out.

Weeeee and look at the rainbows.

We all enjoyed our no-wait ride on Everest.

They are still building the Yak & Yeti resturant.....STILL.

Hey Jeffrey, can you pull us around on this hurr thing? Thanks.

After eating lunch, it was time for our post-lunch snackette....

...and my post lunch dump in my personal restroom suite, which was larger than our room at the Pop Century resort....but more on that later.

We found these bats that looked like our Chihuahuas!

Hidden Mickey....yeah hi.

I call this look, Le Tigre.

Models in the wild...so mysterious.

So apparently you can roll up in Animal Kingdom with your cooler now.

Time for a Jeffrey-free group shot. Boy will he be mad!

Oh well, he slithered his way back in!

Here is a pretty shot so that you will be ready for this....

"Pretty Lady" as her hat says. You know you want some of this! According to her lunch bag, looks like she is a member of the Disney Cruise Line Castaway Club.
Hope we don't see her on our ship!

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