Starting off the 2006 season, the gang headed ova to our favorite South Georgia park
Wild Adventures!

As usual, whenever we go to WA, Boomerang is always closed.

Umm, yeah hi! We are ready to start the day. This was Brian, Alicia, and Brad's very first
trip to Dub A. Too bad they won't be getting the Boomerang credit....oh welllll!

Here we are reprentin' the 803rd. One more shot to add to our collection here and here.

Brian points to his first credit of the day as James eyes Alicia's breasts.

James finds his first food credit of the day as well.

James is becoming quite the ACER. He found a Vekoma sign all by himself!

Here is one of our new fans Ford. He is totally a pervert so he should fit in with the
gang just fine.

Ummm, yeaaa......

OMFG!I seem to have a new growth on my shoulder again!
Eeewwww youuuu! Someone pop it!

All the bois had a cuddley ride on they tilt-a-wizzle.
This was my favorite ride of the day.

James took this amazing picture. For those who dont have a telescope,
that his Alicia and Brian on the left, and B-rad and me on the rizzle.

I love the Gauntlet...aka Screaming Swings. The ride is too short, but it's way fun.

"Hey Daddyyyys with bald heads." Brad has some Capt'n Morgan in him.

As James thows up his double peace signs, Brian gets all moist with excitment.

We decided to head ova to The Dub Dub to get errbody a new coaster credit.

This is they highly themed mine train roller coaster. I know this looks like BTMR but I
swear this is Wild Adventures!

Even the footers are highly themed. Wow, that looks like real wood! Sooo western-esque!

Okay so James is starving because it's like 1pm and he has not eaten in minutes.

I am confused. I thought it was fish that was pink in the middle? Ohh welllll.

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