May 2013 Update!

GERMANY Trip Part 1 posted!
So as you can see, we post most of our updates on the forum and Facebook pages, so if you have not joined or liked, then you are missing out.  Part 1 of Germany has been posted on Facebook and it's Holiday Park!  There is also a new video on YouTube here.

July 2010 Update!

Alabama Adventure GAP Gathering!
Holy Sh*t! It's been how long since this event? Yeah, whatever. I finally just got around to doing an update! So look for more soon. Anyway, a ton of GAPPERS came our, got free stuff, ERT and more! Check out the pics!


July 2009 Update!

Silver Dollar City
After the Six Flags St. Louis event, Swoosh, Missy and Tommy head over to the mountains and check out Silver Dollar City! There were lots of coasters. Check out the pics if you dare. Do you?

Six Flags St. Louis
The GAP crew visits Six Flags St. Louis today and attend the Daredevil Daze ACE event. There was a ton of ERT, heat, sun, sweat...and more heat. Check out the pics and VIDEO at the end of the PTR.

June 2009 Update!

Hersheypark is our last park of our little boys adventure and it was a great time! Lots of roller coasters and chocolate! Loved the woodies and the animals. Check out the pics!

Knoebels Grove
Knoebels Grove is the most amazing park ever. Today the boys spent the whole day discovering all the charming rides and attractions that this place has to offer...besides the most amazing wooden coaster in the US. Check it out!

Six Flags New England and Dorney Park
Today we visit Six Flags New England to check out the "new" Bizarro and then travel to Dorney and to the whole park in less than two hours. Woo hoo!


Six Flags Great Adventure
Tommy, Brian, Brad and Pocket Rob took a trip up in New England to hit a bunch of parks and junk. First stop of our epic 4 day trip is Six Flags Great Adventure! Check out the pics!


May 2009 Update!

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Freestyle Music Park
This weekend was the opening of the newly named FREESTYLE MUSIC PARK in Myrtle Beach. Justin and Tommy checked out the changes and additions of the former Hard Rock Park.


March 2009 Updates!

Six Flags Over Georgia and IKEA pictures!
This weekend was the annual ACE Spring Fling at Six Flags Over Gerogia. This year was more like a Storm Fling, but we didn't let the rain keep us from having fun and whatknought. We even went to IKEA!

Dollywood/GAPZAA 2008 video!
I posted another video from the upcoming 2008 DVD to the GAP forum, for an exclusive download. You need to be a forum member to watch it so sign up today bitches!

January & February 2009 Updates!

Disney's Hollywood Studios and Epcot pictures!
Barron, Jeffrey, and Tommy head down to check out all that is going on at Walt Disney...well, we check out The American Idol Expurrrrr anyway. Totally fun! Check out the pics!

Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea video!
Since I am running soooo behind on our 2008 DVD, I decided to post some videos on our YouTube page to hold you over. This one of from our awesome trip last year to Japan! Be sure to click "watch in high quality" when viewing.

Hard Rock Park video!
The good news is since this video was made. HRP was sold and will re-open in 2009! Here is a video from our trips in 2008. Hope you like! Be sure to click "watch in high quality" when viewing.

December 2008 Updates!

Dollywood & GAPZAA 2008!
Once again we celebrate GAPZAA in the Smoky Mountains at the always wonderful Dollywood! We had a huge groups of peeps all up in our luxurious cabin eating, drinking, and being Mary. This event gets better every year and has become the must attend event of the entire year. Check out the pics!

November 2008 Updates!

NEW pictures! Riverbanks Zoo!
The return of Homey G and Big Al and kids! We all head over to the zoo and check out all the crazy creatures....and the animals deuce! It was fun with kids, and this time we don't mean James.

October 2008 Updates!

NEW pictures! Cedar Point and Holiday World!
The posse checked out Cedar Point's Halloweekends and then went down to Holiday World for it's last day of the season. Check out all the pics and new peeps we got to hang out with, if you dare!!!

NEW pictures! Carowinds!
This weekend the GAP posse headed up to Carowinds to help come credit whores get their counts higher. Oh yeah, and to check out the amazing constructions of the new boomer. Check out the pics!

NEW videos! Yomiuriland
This new video is from our Japan trip back in April and will be featured on our upcoming, luxurious 2008 DVD. Check out all the fun times you can have with bandanas!

Ghost Town in the Sky: G3 Event
This video is from last year's G3 event at Ghost Town. It was on our 2007 DVD and we all had a blast! Check out the video uploaded on our YouTube page!

September 2008 Updates!

Maggie Valley & Ghost Town in the Sky!
This weekend We headed out to Maggie Valley and Ghost Town to see how Cliffhanger was coming along. We found come cool little cottages and other fun stuff. Check it out!

Kevin Smith in Columbia, SC!
For our GAP forum members, we have a PTR of Kevin Smith when he visited us in Columbia and talked for 4 hours about everything from breaking toilets, to sex with animals. Not e fourm member? Just sign up. It's free! Be sure to email to get your account activated!

June 2008 Updates!

Hard Rock Park ACE event/GAP Gathering!
This weekend was the first ACE event at Hard Rock Park! A ton of peeps came out and we all had a blast. The park looks great and more than that, we got to ride MAXIMUM RPM! Check out the pics!

Dollywood and Ghost Town in the Sky!
This weekend we headed off to Dollywood to check out the new River Battle attraction, but little did we know about the battle ahead of us. We also got to visit Ghost Town in the Sky to shoot a commerical and check out those awesome new Cliffhanger trains in person. Check out the pics and sign up for our G3 event!

G3 Event announced! Ghost Town GAP Gathering!
Our 2nd annual Ghost Town event, G3: GAP Ghost Town Gathering, has been set for July 12th. It's open to ANYONE who wants to attend. This year we get ERT on Cliffhanger with the new trains!! If you want to go, click HERE for the registration flyer and be sure to get it in by July 3rd. Hope to see you all there for ERT, food, and much more!

May 2008 Updates!

NEW update! Cliffhanger trains arrive at Ghost Town!
Check out the exclusive pictures of the new trains for Cliffhanger
now on the tracks at Ghost Town!

NEW photos! Carowinds!
Tommy and Jarsh head over to Carowinds on Memorial Day to see the changes and "improvements" that have taken place since Cedar Fair took ova! Check out the pics and junk!

NEW photos! Hard Rock Park updates!
Today I went by HRP and was able to catch Maximum RPM testing among other updates in the park. Check out the pics!

Hard Rock Park Official Opening!
This weekend was the official opening of Hard Rock Park and the whole GAP posse headed down...again...to check it out. The park has a lot of amazing little touches that really sets it apart from other parks. Check out the pics!

NEW video!! Cypress Gardens!
I finally got off my lazy butt and did a video...wait, I have been busy posting like mad updates...anyway! So this is from our trip to Cypress Gardens earlier this year. Download and save as to view. I usually post these in the GAP forums, but I will give all you non-members a little love also. Hope you like!


April 2008 Updates!

NEW update! EdVenture Children's Museum!
We ain't always gotta go to parks, I mean, HELLO....we do have some culture. Na, we don't. We trek over to the local kids museum to see what kind of trama we can get in. It was way fun. Check out the pics!

NEW update! Family Kingdom and Hard Rock Park!
We decided to head down to Myrtle Beach and check out the soft opening of Hard Rock Park. Wow, this park is going to be great once they are all up and operational. While we were there, we visited a classic wooden coaster at Family Kingdom as well. Check out the pics!

NEW Japan update! Tokyo DisneySea!
Our final park on our Japan trip and it was my favorite. What an amazing park! Pictures can not describe how georgous this park is. Journey is by far the best ride there. Check out the pics!

NEW Japan update! Tokyo Disneyland!
We finally made it to Tokyo Disneyland! They are celebrating 25 years this year and we had a great time. The park was not busy at all and reminded me alot of the old school WDW. Check out the pics. DisneySea is coming up next!

Akihabara and Joypolis!
More more more Japan photos. Check out an electronics district in Tokyo and the cool indoor game and ride freakshow that is Joypolis. Yes, they have a coaster!

.. .
Toshimaen, Aqua Stadium & Nagashima Spaland!
Continuing on our Japan trek, we hit Toshimaen, Aqua Stadium, and finally Nagashima Spaland. Steel Dragon is running and I finally get this credit! What a great time we are having so far, it's not not even over yet! Check out the pics betch!

.. .
Sea Paradise, Cosmo World & Yomiuri Land!
Next we visited Sea Paradise where we got to check out Blue Fall, then on to Cosmo World and the diving coaster, Vanish, and finally Yomiuri Land and Bandit! Three more great parks as our Japan update continues!

Toyko Dome City, La Qua, and Tobu Zoo!
This is our first update from our Japan Extravanga! We had so much fun so check out the first set of pics from Tokyo Dome City, LaQua, and Tobu Zoo with Tommy, James, Don, and Mark! Kawasemi is the bomb!!!