TWIZTID Toxic Terror Tour 2008
February 29, 2008
Tremont Music Hall, Charlotte, NC

So yeah, since Don and Monica was not cool...I mean,not available, my sis and I headed to Charlotte to represent at the Twiztid show!

Yep, this must be the place. Total luxury!

Jennifer sports her own line of Juggalette wear that she made herself..woo woo!

So up first, was Project Born.

More like Project BORRRING! Next!

Bondoxx was next!

"WHAT THE HELL? I though this was a KISS show?"

The crowd was hella live and whatknought. He put on a better show than last time.

Plus he had a new sidekick, missing teeth and redneck white track
mountain gutta! LOVE IT!

He kinda looks like Violent J...with his chunkyness. He also had a live drummer.

"Watch yo feets....and my John Deer hat!"

This is what a $5 bottle looks like.

We were lucky to find a real live Juggapotimus, in it's natural habitat.

JCOAC! Are those stretches...or scratches? I don't wanna know. Oh yeah, Jennifer got hit on by a lesbian also...for realz. I thought it was a young kid. I called him or her, dude.


ERRRbody was up and shizznit. They put on the bomb show!

Love the matching outfits deuce.

The entire place was a mosh pit.

So yeah, he was totally looking at me.

I wished I had brought my contacts...G D it!

No Faygo at this show, but they was water errwhere! That shit was expensive!

Representin'...he gave a shout out to the GAP!

My sister wanted to get that lipstick shade he used.

Thanks for the bomb show Twiztid!

WE out this bitch...time to go to Krystalssss! Woo woo!
Who these peeps is?


Check out some highlights from the show.