Maggie Valley/Ghost Town

So yeah, we were bored today so we packed up and headed up deuce Maggie Valley.

James packed enough chins for a week! We are only going for one night!

Going up hill, we only got an average of 46 mpg. Coming back we got like 53.

So yeah, we did not make reservations and when we got here, there was a huge Biker thingy going on, so we found this little place called "Cozy Creek Cottages No". Hey what is that over they?

Country Club! Luxurious!

Here is our cute little cabin-ette.

El Oh El. Number 2.

Looks like your grandma threw up in hurr.

Here is the Bicentennial bedroom....

...complete with the Holy Bible. It's perfect!

Next to the ginger bread man and woman wreath was the TV and combo VCR/DVD player!

On the back was this cute deck over the creek.

..It's very camp blood.

Oh well, I guess it will have to do.

So if you get bored, you can go to the office.....

and choose from a selection of VHS movies...

...or fun board games!

Thank JCOAC they gots wifi up in hurr!

Now I can keep in touch with my peeps!

Can you guess the movie I picked and the one James picked?

There is a cool fire pit, for roasting marshmellows...or pigs.

..This is for the rug rats.

Oooh looky!

They gots horses deuce!

I love they horses!

So the next morning, we headed to the cleverly named Maggie Valley Resturant.

James has a reserved bench.

Check out this queen. They even want bikers to come. Must be into leather.

Mountains across'dt the skreet.

We is ret to get our eat on up in this trayla.

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