Thorpe Park
Surrey, England

The final stop of our UK tour was Thorpe Park.

"Could we get everyone to please gather around the dumpster for the "Elissa Alvey Fanboy" meeting before we go in the park?"

So this was the first park we went to that had a big crowd waiting to go in.

Up first is Colossus!

This is an Intamin 10 inversion coaster that is really fun.

Parts of this coaster are so close to the ground you can almost slap the peeps onboard.

Forget about the twisty thing, check out that penis between the tree's legs!

Here we give our impersonation of THIS pic, but with a T&J twist.

Then we build a pyramid "Bring It On" style!

Samurai was the best flat ride evah! Way better than Bling! Bling!

Time for Slammer! LOL to Big Mike's "Newsie's jump!

So I had to go all the way to the UK to get to ride one of these since the one at Astroworld was not operating last time I was they. It was ok.

Time for a Pirate er...Banana Boat credit!

BOTBC keeps it rizzeal on the Banana Boat like WHUT?

I have heard so much about this coaster, so I was really excited to ride.

Ok, so I don't get it.

Betta watch out Jim, James' has found the poop deck. Ew!

Look at all the bouys! Heeeeey daddys.

Now it is time for Nemesis Inferior!
(copyright 2006 by Tommy Faircloth, thanks)

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