South Pier
Stroke-On-Kent, England

So we were all stoked to be staying in a hotel for 3 nights. Not only that, there was free wireless internet, an ice machine AND it has air conditioning!

The peeps welcomed us with wine and other sinner's beverages.

We took a short walk down the street to South Pier.

Water World was closed but looks fun.

Here we are! Hey, that donkey on a coaster logo looks familar.

They have a SCAD tower, a slingshot, spinning mouse and other stuff.

The mouse was the main reason we came and the SCAD tower was not open, otherwise, I would have been temped to do it. Thank GOD it was closed.

I give you the Super Speed Waltzer! This is the one that puts all the others to shame. The ride ops on this thing really get a work out spinning everyone on the ride.

James actually liked it and did not get sick.

That blur is Derek and Nicole getting spun into oblivion.

Jim and Barron look like they are ret to get off.

James was lucky to find another credit on the way out!

The Big One is waiting for us! Tomorrow!

Thanks for visiting!

We then headed over to Coasters for some dinner. It's located under the first drop of
The Big not me, the coaster.

It has really cool tables and booths in the bottom section.

Coaster tables and whathaveyou.

Back at the Big Blue, our luxurious room awaits. Let's open the window.

Wow, what a great view!

Coooastersss! Everywhere you look it's coastersssss!

I can't wait to get ova there and ride they rolley rides deucemorrow!


Next stop, Blackpool Pleasure Beach!