Six Flags Magic Mountain

Yeah, the park looks dead! And Tatsu is running!

You know you are at a ghetto park when you see this before the entrance.

Looks like they fixed the L since the last time we was hurr.

We get our Orient Express powered coaster credit as we head to Tatsu.

Again with the corn!!! N to the ASTY!
As you see, the price is 0 because no one wants that shzzznit!

Here we is! And empty ques. Well, maybe it's because we got a private ride and stuff cause they knew the GAP was in town!

Barron, move your head, I can't see the pretzel loop. Thanks

"See Brandon, this is how a Daddy's ass is suppose to look like."

Ugly Betty was the other celebrity at SFMM deuceday.

You can see how close the track comes to the tower. It is sweet at the top of the lift because you are really high up thurr!

We ran into some familar faces. Paul who we met on the UK trip, Ted, and Justin (65Skylark) who were keepin' in real at the ghetto.

Ted and I are the best of friends.

Time for a ride on a world class coaster!

I actually love the slow motion through the corkscrews. Hey Tatsu in the back.

Time for some Xtreem pain on X. Ew.

I swear this coaster is horrible. They should tear it down and build a parking lot.

Did that track fall of X?

Look at all the people getting spinal injuries. Fun!

Yea, you won't be smiling when you return to the station.

Spread your legs while you can Barron. You will be too sore to do that tonight.

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