Knott's Berry Resort

Today we arrive at America's very first theme park, besides Holiday World and Disneyland.

While getting our free tickets, we saw Brooks and Danny's love child working the booth.

Free tickets are the shizznit. Paying is sooooo last year.

I finally get to get my Silver Bullet credit! They wuz building this last time I wuz hurr.

It was alot more fun than I was expecting, even with it's Revolution-esque first drop into the vertical loop. It was very smooth and I really liked it!

While wearing low rise jeans, it is of the utmost importance to make sure your crack has
been propertly waxed.

Brian was uber horney the whole trip without First Aid Fish girl not attending.

Speaking of horney, Kyle was all ova this Indian. I was sooo disgusted.

Exactly the way I like all my meat products.

So for some reason, this part of the park was still closed.

Finally. Walk on rides rule. Heeey big daddy!

It is so effing hot in hurr! I think it's because I am sandwiched between deuce horney peeps.

No, the smog is not that bad. But they do need to clean they windows on they tower.

Oh look, FlyinBryan joined us deuceday!

I think I will skip they boomerang. Thaaaaanks.

The water effects on this rival Alton Towers. You really get wet on this.

Speaking of getting wet, yeah hi.

Representin' and whatknought and whathaveyou and etc.

Now, can we get our credit on Timber of Terror Coaster in the Trees Coaster thingy?

Looks like a backyard coaster with Arrow looping trains.

Barron is sooooo excited to ride, but how long will it last?


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