Adventure City!

Adventure City is open "errrrrey" Fri thru Sun!
We all piled in our rental and headed ova.

Word. This cute little ghetto park is located down the street from Knott's.

They even have they own airport.

So yeah, this park was more busy than Knott's.

At they petting zoo, you can play with the goats or baby Indian kids.
It would not be a GAP trip without goats!

Tree Top Racers! The reason we came up in hurr deuceday!

This cute little coaster is currently for sale deuce.

Luckily our car arrived today so we could get our credit.

The cars are themed well and the coaster reminds me of those wooden mouse
coaster like at Blackpool but even MORE dangerous.

The head clearence after this dip is non-existent.

Check out that str8 track!

I think Jeffrey got the car that the little girl pee'd in. Eewww!

I'm not sure if this is safe and/or luxurious. Oh yea, lowest capacity ever!!!
There were like 25 kids in front of us and they wall wanted they own car!

Once the park closes, these wait ques double as goat kennels. Hey Ice Cube!

The boys love they new drop tower. And so do the little girl brats that kept kicking off their shoes at the top.

This coaster has been here like 100 years.
See how the branch has grown through the track?

Hey whoooooreeesss!

So if James was here, what side do you think he would be sitting on?

Hells yes, we get double rides!

Wow, what a fun day. We all cram into our Yugo and head back to the hotel for some free snackettes.....concierge.


Next stop, Knott's Berry Resort!