Today we arrive at Disneyland at 8 am! See, thur is they castle.

All the tulips are in bloom, cause they are all plastic. Jk.

The theming of this store was amazing! I mean, it looks like real cloth!

Brian is wondering how we bolted to this ride at opening and it already has a 30 min wait? Thank God we sent Monica ova to Space Mountain to get us fast passes. Thank God Don abandonded her with us today to go get Wally to take him to Fish World.....and Sea World also.

Peter Pan's Flight is an inverted coaster FYI.
Check out this cheertard's ghetto rollers sitting on top of her head.

Don't fall in the rosebud Jeffrey and Monica!

Check out the peaks on those mountains.

It's called "thanks for our rider switch pass so we dont have to wait in line".

Hey Jay, it's Space Mountain.

Anna Nicole is not dead. I'm serial!!

Speaking of making fun of Jeffrey......

Heeey daddy next to Johnny Depp!

A1 this is not a construction site and Heinz 57, it's not a ghey bar...well, it's kinda a ghey bar but those boots...yeeeeaaah, not so much.

What is this person doing in this pic, that she should not be doing?

Did I mention it was a little busy deuceday?

Monica had to drop kick a toddler to get this pic. Good job!


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