Disney's California Adventure

Our first trip of 2007 takes us to SoCal minus James. Brandon, Brian, Jeffrey and I arrive at our luxurious hotel to check in to...what else, concierge.

The Grand Californian Hotel is the most luxurious hotel on Disney property.

James and I stayed hurr last time we was up in this trailer.

This hotel is pretty much the bomb diggity doo doo.

First park we visit is Disney's California Adventure.

C is for ________.

Upon entering the gates of DCA, we were shocked to see these Insane Clown
Cheerleaders, screaming, and flipping, and putting on make-up. Brian offered to buy three
of them for $1, but since we are in the US and not Thailand, $1 does not get you much.

"To the left, to the left, if you is looking for a bear then go to the left."

This photo is sooo ghey, that the rainbows are just bursting all ova the lens.

Hey, where did Brian go?

Oh there he is.
Ok yeah, you might want to re-think that bow sweetie, mmmkay?

Barron was looking for the reason why Monica actually married Don.
Even with this telescope he could not see why.

Heeey gurl, love your change purse. Kyle joined us deuceday also...did I mention that?

The only thing that seperates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize our scooters.

I totally touched this bird. He had a string on his little foot. Oh yea, here is a rolley ride.

Heeey big daddys.

I love they launch of California Screaming starring the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

They are also starring in Rockin' Space Mountain, but yeah, I love this coaster.

This was Brian's first trip to DCA and whatknought. We could not feel the trims so it was all good in the hood.

Monica was voguing and Jeffrey was airing out his toncils, which had been overworked at LAX while we waiting on Brian, Brandon, and I to land.

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