"Here we are at Six Flags Over Geooorrrr GAaa!"
ACE Sprizzle Flizzle, on March 27th on my birthdizzle.

Here are a few pics . Additional pics, you guess which ones, were provided by Josh Herrington.

My absolute FAV pic of superman.....by Josh Herrington

The soon to be Gotham City Crime Wave.

It's time for E to the R to the T on Batmizzle and Mind Bizzle.

Josh doing his impersonation of Big Nips.

This dude stalked us like the ENTIRE trip. I'm not sure of his name, all I know is he totally begged me for my autogrizzle all dizznizzle, and he got us banned from the Hansen cars.

Dealin...at SFOG....and whut?

"What's yer damage...Heather?"

The GASM was running awesome.

More fans.

My award winning Geooor GA Cyclone shot.

Yes, I rock the Von Dutch like WHUTT?

Later bizznizzles, next stop is Dollyhood for the ACE dizzle. Holla back!