"Tommy & Brian's Texas Fiesta 2005!"

Six Flags Over Texas

Brian and I decided to leave the fish at home and head out on a menz weekend in Texas. We were going to SFOT, Sea World Texas, Fiesta Texas, and finally Astroworld. We found many things to do during our 4 and 1/2 hour layova in A-town.

This is the only image I can show you that Brian had on his laptop without getting my web site yanked.

Upon arrival at Six Flags Over Texas, Brian points to what he thought was going to be the best coaster of the day.

On Friday the park was open until 11, so we had to book it to get all the coasters!

This was both our first trip they, so we HAD to be credit sluts this weekend.

We decided to ride the first coaster that we thought would be ripped out before we return again..... Livin' La Vida Loca.

Brian enjoys a front seat POV.

Up next was The Texas "Mean Streak with no trims on the first drop" Giant.

Frist half was off the hook. Second park was ok.

I was excited about Titan's helix because I enjoy Autoerotic Asphyxiation...just a little.

I really liked it but Brian was not a fan....he is only a fan of Elissa.

Wow, I AM going to like Texas...for rizzle!

We saved Freeze for last becuase we thought it would have the longest line.

There was only a two train wait..unlike SHOCKWAVE'S ONE TRAIN operation.

This coaster is in a different zip code than the rest of the park.

Awwwww, poor SFOG. Ohhh welllll, coasters are better anyway.

We liked they Over Texas and hope to come back real sizzzoon!