Six Flags Over Georgia
ACE Spring Fling 2008 / IKEA

It's bright and early and time for ERT at SFOG! Yeah, we are tired and Josh got up at 3 am to get to his position to greet all the ACErs.

Yeah for 8 am ERT rides on Gollary!

Oh look, they put Jarsh's waist size on the window so he would know which one to go to.

Notice anything different? Yeah, me and Brandi live in the same urrrea now.

"OOOh gurl give me my purse! I gots my iPhone in they!"

Yeah, it's crae how empty this place be.

See. I like they Thomas banners....even tho Thomas aint hurr yet.

Okay so this is something new.

For $2 you can charge your phone or iPod for 15 mins.

They is BAYron and Goliath...and a rolley ride.

At first I thought Ford met a new "friend" at Flex but it turns out, it was just his brother...who looks kinda like Snuggles. I like yall matching mustard lanyards.

So yeah, there is no line but guess who wants to wait for the front?

These two queens. Who that is looking at me?

This is Steve's excited face.

Doug shows off his new camera. He is sooooo proud of it.

Thunder River will be known as Thunder Hike this year....sponsored by "The North Face".

What is missing here? Besides the new attractionatories?

Oh yeah, James aint hurr today cause he had to work and whatknought cause we are going to be in Japan for the next two weekends. Did I mention that?

Now we gets ERT on Superman that ho. I ain't rode this in foeva.

Still butta that Tatsu's loop.

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