Six Flags Over Georgia
ACE Spring Fling/ GAP Gathering 2007

We started out the day bright and early at SFOG with some E to the RT on Goliath. We skipped ERT on Scorcher, and Superman, etc...cause we are ballers like that.

What is missing in this pic? Oh yea, SFOG's Tower of Terror. Oh well.

So yea, this is the kind of wait we have become accustomed deuce errwhere we go. Thanks.

Brandi's new boob job looks great! Wow, those things are HUGE!

Speaking of huge......nice lens you got there Steve.

Someone must have been real excited to get they new shorts outfit for Spring Fling cause they forgot to take off the waist size sticker on they leg. I won't say who it is but I will say the waist size was 38. Is that right Matt?

So the bag winches take they usual spot while the boys continue to get they ride on, meanwhile......

...taking the place of Joe C. is Jarsh. Are you wearing AEO panites?

Yeah, ERT is the shizznit. Don't hate bitches.

Having a stuffed white tiger is the ultimate in luxury.

Hi, yeah. Glad you got a map there Jarsh.
Barron: Gurl, my wrists are heavy deuceday!

See all those regulars being held back? They are hating on our laminates.

Running of the GP. Watch out Tweetie!

Time to eat. James and Jarsh get a nice selection of nuts. Andy Warhol is one of the new characters at SFOG. Perfect that he serves nuts.

Here is a sign that shows what was taken out to put in that shitty coaster the
Georgia SIGHclone..

Time to sit, relax, have some Papa John's and talk aboot people in the park.

And here we have contestant #1 to be voted off the "White Rapper" show on VH1.

We left our "BORG bottle" at home so we got this new James Lee Bottle with our combo meal. This one lisps even more than the BORG one did!

On our way to walk to a ride that we would not wait in line for, we ran into GAP member on loan from Whootah, Jonathan. He had some amazing new facial hair.

Steve made some new friends over in the smoking area, also known as
"Eww you, look at them" area.

Woman: I can totally see her butt cheek hanging out! What a whoooore!

So we rode the train and I got a pic of the DuhLawnAgu Mine train.

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