Six Flags Over Georgia
Passholder Appreciation Day 2006

The GAP crew hooked up bright and early this am at SFOG for passholder's day.

Yea for empty ques for Goliath!

Here is Brian and Alicia and some GIANT head face thing. The funny thing is they all three are standing next to eachother and Barron's head IS that big.

Alicia was devastated when Brian gave Barron the first kiss of the day on Goliath.

Brandi was representin the DG shades like whut!

Yeah hi, Mr. Long Monkey you have to be such a Joe and get in err photo?

Sorry Mike, I don't think DejaVu will be open deuceday.

Who has the best walk up in hurrr?

Can you count all the laws that are being broken in Georgia?

I love they Mindbender!

The GAP is thowin' up they gang sign, so if you see it, you betta represent bitches!

Yes it is 30 degrees and yes Anthony is wearing a fitted t-shirt....
and yes, Joe is influencing his wardrobe.

Jarsh prefers two fingers when exploring for his prostrate.

Jarsh: Why is Brandi wearing my cock ring on her neck?

So yea, ask Brian why he is on the is a hint. I grabbed his nut.

Heeey big daddy-o's!

It looks like they pulled out the switchbacks ques for Daddy-oatories.

While waiting in line, we met one of the UK's newest Euro Twink boybands!

Hi, shouldn't I be complaining about something?

Errbody loved they bbq and whatknought. It was quite luxurious.

Our posse continued to grow thoughout the day...represent!

So I guess James thinks that hitching a ride is ghetto gangsta?

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