Six Flags Over Georgia
Season Pass Holder's Appreciation Day 2005

I don't know if you heard, but they be a giant in the making...
AND SFOG is getting a new roller coaster in deuce thousand and six.

Today the whole gang got deucegether at SFOG for the last day of operation during season pass holder's appreciation day, or what I like to call "Fall Savings Half Price So Get All Your Shizznit for Cheap and Free Parking Day".

The fast pass line for Goliath had already started!

Say hello to Keefy. FYI, when you see GOOD coaster animation, he is the one who did it. Keith did all the animations for the new Goliath coaster at SFOG, (and El Toro, Hydra, etc) and they set up an autograph booth for him to say hello to his fans.

The lift hill continues to grow and everyone can't effing wait to ride!

This picture is called "Twink Pointing at Goliath". You may also see this on any given night in a ghey bar except Goliath would be a description of something entirely different.

Six Flags invited the Olsen twins out for the opening of the "Partially Completed
Goliath Lift Hill" and they were so excited to meet Keith.

The funny thing about this pic is that Alicia's arms are not THAT much smaller than Joe's.

Brian is all about his face in a camera...GOD!

Yes Brian, you are right. High angle pictures hides multiple chins.


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