"Tommy and James' Southern California Vacation Getaway"

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Here we are at Six Fags Magic...uh, California. I am sure there were more than six.

First ride of the day was X.....ouch. (yes I am wearing a Deja Vu shirt..AND WHUT?)

You can see how I enjoy the creamy smoothness as it pulls my face off my skull bone.

Here is a pic of SCREAM from GOLIATH.

James is excited about the tunnel.

Is that a "Deja Vu" in the back? Yes, and now I am 2 for 3 beyatch!

Now lets get on Riddler...I heard it's the shizzznizzle.

Yes, it was.

I likes they Riddlers.

Down the first drop!

Waaay better than Mantis.

Batman needs paint but it's always a fun rizzle.

Time for Revolution.

James was worried that it might not be smooth, but I showed him this...

"See, this MUST mean it's a smooth coaster"...or something...

Last shot of the day before heading back to the hotizzle. We did the whole park in about 3-4 hours on a Monday.


Next stop, Knott's Berry RESORT!