"Tommy & Brian's Texas Fiesta 2005!"

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

After we got all the credits at Fish World Texas, we headed ova to Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

The park looked pretty busy, so we were worried that we might not get all the coasters.

First coaster of the day, Poltergizzle. As you see the line was not that bad.

I liked it better than the PKI/PKD indoor version with the stupid trims.

They shot tower be the bomb. It has a shot and drop combo like Superman at SFOT.

Um, yea hi. What is he holding and why is it black?

Superman Krypton Coaster looks like the lick!

As you can see, this coaster has numerous kills...but we didn't care!

All 3 trains were running but there seemed to be a stacking problem that day.
We should have got a flippin wheel chair Brian!

You get a cool view of the mall at the top of the lift!

Down the twisted first drop...this ride rules my izzass!

The Rattler is next on the menu.

...and speaking of menu. A McDonalds Cheeseburger? What is that all about?
Click HERE to find out and watch the video.

This ride looks pretty brutal but we hear it has a cool LIM launched hill into the triple helix.

AND new for 2005 they added a loop. Eat your heart out SOB.

How much fun do we look like we are having? Plus Tobey Mcguire sat right behind us!

This park is really nice and a lot more themed than I was expecting.
( Fastpass #22 pictured here dressed in orange for Halloween.)

They have a cool water flume/coaster combo that Brian refuses to admit rolls on tracks.

While waiting in line for our kiddy credit, this little Mex'ican child gang leader was telling this girl, "Read what my shirt say, Tell your boyfriend to stop calling me!"


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