Sea World Orlando

We had not been to Sea World in a few years, and were looking forward to seeing all the fish...besides the one we had been sleeping with all weekend.

Kraken is the bomb for shizzle. Way better than SCREAM/MEDUSA.

We got a ton of rides on it, even though they were only running one train.

Out of the cave into a twist screw thing.

I know I was.

Don't be jealous because you can't smell this.

Brian bout had a nut until we went to the sea otter show.

Cypresssssss bakery has some delicious itemssssss.

I got to feed this cute little squirrel....

..and this cute dolphin.

Brian laid on this fish......and also took a picture on baby Shamu.

We then ran into some big, sea creature things.

More rides on Kraken please, thaaankkks.

Jame be scuured.

The drop on Atlantis is now launched.

More Atlantis.

The last splash. James and I did not get wet but Brian and Alicia got sizzoaked because they would not let us ride in the back...L O L, ELLL OOHHH EEELLLL. Alicia paid Brian back later that day by leaving his VHS Camcorder at the sea otter show.

James wanted to play Kill Bill, but we fought over who was going to play Darryl Hannah.

"Sea World is our turf. Don't come buy cause you might get sprayed..... Shamizzle."

And so ends our day at Fish World. We had soooyouuu muuuwouch fooouyouuunnn.

Accomodations provided by the negative 4 star Old Town Days Inn Suites.
P is for PATHETIC.

Next stop, The Whistle Stop Cafe!!