Sea World Orlando

Today we visit our favorite fish related theme park...Sea World.

Even tho it's like 100 degrees today, we are still cold chillin'.

First stop is the Dolphin Cove.

I was hoping to see some kids get they arms bit off.

All I got to see was that this woman needs larger panties.

I love water coasters.

Jesus Christ! How many wet fish do I have to see today?

I wonder if I can climb this fence to get a good shot?

Yes I can.

The sky tower is running both levels today JEFFREY!

My favorite store!

Hey clam diving daddy with the tattoos.

Looks like James made a new friend deuceday. He tells the bird that he also has another friend with a large beak. (cough Joe cough)

Arn't they all venomous?

Excuse me? Did someone get lost on they way to Wet N Wild?

Why are they fat kids walking around Sea World in bikinis?

Look everyone, it's swans.

Ok so finally, the real reason we came here today. A new credit.

We were all excited to get a new credit that Brian does not have.

The cars are quite spacious and luxurious.

This one is way bigger than the one in Tex'as.

Also new at Sea World is this interactive water play area where you can play with Shamu.

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