South Carolina State Fair

So yeah, today me and Brian go to the luxurious SC State Fair.

Brian would not shut up about the G D cereal sticks.

Don't hate because our fair has a park map.

Thank God we missed that crowd.

Brian now wants a corn dog.

Looks like fried rosebuds.

Reminds me of Jarsh.

Credit #1. Yawn.

Time for my "bucket" of fries credit.

Peeps is waiting on the pig races already! You still got half an hour!

Look out for spit bombs Brian.

Ring O Fire.

Sponsored by Pepto-Bismol.

Heeeeey daddy.

WTF is this? It's called Twister.

Maybe Jamez will know...not!
It must be the shit cause it's sponsored by Country Crock Butta.

Rides and such.

Another credit....zzzzzzzzz.

Yeah, as if.

Hot dog neck tried to win an X-Box. He blew $300 doing it. You hear that Alicia?

Ok so we decided on our first ride. This afterburner whatever frizbee thingy.

So I sit and before Brian can, the G D OTS restrains come crashing down and we smell burned ass.

Click here for page 2 of the SC State Fair!