The Luxurious
South Carolina State Fair!

After a long day of shopping, we decided to go to the fair!

Loopyguy Bobby and Stephen joined us on this adventure. Thanks to Bobby for the extra pics, cause I aint taked any. I shot ALOT of video and found some interesting peeps.


Yep. we are in South Carolina.

I can almost reach they Schwarzkopf. I can't believe I was this close to the track in line. Safty rules!

"How ya'll is durin?"

This was my favorite exhibit at the fair!

This was James' favorite.

We likes it ruff and whatknought and whathaveyou.

Check out these nuts and twigs..................and this sign that says nuts and twigs.

This crowd must be here for Carrot Top!

EVERYONE loves Hog on a LOG!

ANY caption will work here. Enjoy!

AAHHHhhh, fried everything. The mark of excellence and high class luxury!

We likes they dark rides.....

...and they carton of pepsi!

next stop....Christmas at Dollywood!