Santa's Land

Why is Jarsh and Brandi so excited? No, it's not a buffet.....'s Santa's Land, in Cherokee, NC!!

Just 15 miles away from Ghost Town is the awesome Santa's Land...not open at Christmas.

Look at the lost re-re.

If you get lost, let's meet at the large Kangaroo that is about to hump the smaller one.

Hey everybodyyyyyyy !

First stop, the Deer Barn!

You're welcome!

I love the deer glory holes.

Can you find James amongst all the candy and sugar?

The goats and they famous briDge!

They were not having it today, they were all "it's too hot for that shizznit!"

Do not go beyond the rail or the creepy guy will molest you and/or your child.

Keep pumpin' him full of keep the evil spirits away.

I just love these D&G glasses....they make my head look so small.

Time to feed the baby bears, Ruff and Buff....just like I like my menz.

Ok so how freakin' cute is this? I can't stand it!

OMFG! I want one to go home with me right now!

They are so flippin' adorable!

Now it's time to feed the other samples.....baahaa, you looser!

In goes sugar, out comes sweetness!

I am reminding myself of an ACEr....who is it?

So Santa's Land does not have a funnel cake fast pass, we we left
Jarsh here while we go to the....

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