Santa's Land
Cherokee, NC

Time for high class luxury...Santa's Land.

Looks like we might even have a crowd today.

James is telling the Christmas tree, what he wants for Christmas.

How about some elbow crust remover for this dude? EW!

Santa's Land is actually a very cute little park. Very neat and clean.

What does a kangaroo have to do with Christmas?

Time for my FAVORITE! Feeding the bears.

Look how long they tounge be! I bet Brian would like these big daddy bears.

Tell me this is not the cutest thing EVER. They are drinking fruit punch.

Jim decides to kiss some reindeer and whatknought.

Look at all the cute little DEERs.

They love to get they eat on.

The suspension bridge walking goats are the bomb!

The masterbating elf in the bed was a new attraction this year.

Ok boys, time for the reason we came up in this trailer today.

It's ALL ABOUT the Rudicoaster!

The Rudicoaster is the tallest and fastest roller coaster in Cherokee!

Now sit tight as we conquer....Rudicoaster!

Oh snap! A launched upward helix? CRAZY!

Watch out for the pine needles....and ticks.

Time for the helix of doom.

You take this thing at 10's of miles per hour.

Jim loved it. He is even going to start counting powered coasters now.

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