Santa's Land
Cherokee, NC

About 35 miles outside Pigeon Forge, on the way to Ghost Town, is a small park called Santa's Land. I had never actually stopped here becuase I thought it would be totally GHETTO, but James and I were both suprised to find out that is was pretty awesome!

The employees were super nice, the food was awesome, the park was immaculate,
the price was cheap, free parking, and no EFFING basketballs!

Make sure you got all your shizzznit before you come in, cause you aint gettin back
in if you leave beyatch!

This place was totally cute. The walkways are white gravel to make it look like snow.

They have a cute little train that takes you all over the park.

Jame feel like a kid again.

I am scared of those mountain hillbilly girls behind me.

James enjoys funtime with some kids as they run across a flowing creek over to Santa's House.

There it is. Santa was there to greet all the brats.

You can rent a wagon to pull your lazy children around in.

Dollywood totally stole this idea from Santa's Land.

Welcome to Zoo Land. Here you can feed real reindeer, bears,
donkeys (Yes Robb, real donkeys) and other creatures.

Aint they cute and shizznit?

Here is a little black bear waiting on you to stick your hand down this tube so
he can bite if off. Awwww, that is sooo cute!!!!

Wow! Another homosensual friendly amusement park!

Over at Fun Land is where all the ride be.

It's ALL ABOUT the Rudicoaster at Santa's Land.

Check out that death spiral! You get some major laterials here...for real.

Here are some airtime hills. This is a real decent powered coaster. NEW CREDIT!

Here is the Christmas Carousel.

Here are some more kiddy rides and there is a ferris wheel in the back.

I could use a bite to eat.

Hello! Bacon Puffs AND Funnel Cakes! Shut up! I have found heaven bezzznitch!

Or you can go over to this little creekside cafe...

and have some BBQ!

Or tour Candy Mountain for your sweet tooth.

Down this way to the Paddle Boats and MONKEY ISLAND!

Here you can paddle around in these boats and feed the fish and monkeys at the same no additional charge!

The fish swarm all over you! They almost tipped us ova!

Hurry! Throw food at the monkeys, but watch the electric fence that is surrounded by this large lake of WATER.

This way to the HOGS!

The Keebler Elf loves french fries at Santa's Land!

I got to sit on Peter...... Rabbit's Lap.

I would recommed that everyone go to this little park. It's been here since 1966 and I am shocked that it's still open. If you like parks like Lake Winnie, Knoebels, and Holiday World, you will love this place. I would hate for this place to end up like Ghost Town, so visit it soon!

Just don't wait on the bus to pick you up.

NEXT STOP, Ghost Town in the Sky!y.