Pleasurewood Hills
Lowestoft, England

Today we arrive bright and early at Pleasurewood Hills. This is park 1 of 3 today.

Yea, this position is never closed.

So what is all that junk over there?

Here is an exclusive construction pic of the new coaster at Pleasurewood.

Before riding a coaster, we decide to take a spin on this crazy looking thing.

Arnie looks excited and ret to ride.

Cannonball Express or Enigma, whatever, is the reason we are here.

This is a one-of-a-kind Schwarzkopf coaster.

Ted likes Catrina's cannonballs.

So with a one train operation, and 8 people per train, and with 1 hour to have fun, I think we will just ride this coaster once.

Overall it's a fun ride but nothing special.

There are twists...

..and turns...

...and a nice abrupt stop at the end. Next.

James got to be a guest operator for.....

...the PIRATE SHIP! All these boy scouts jumped on with us so Barron had to def
them with his Arnie scream.

Wow, this sounds fun. The tallest and fastest coaster in the East. What could it be?

Oh, this. A Boomerang.

Finally, something fun! Attacking geese and ducks!.

Time for another credit! The Man in the Bush coaster! Ok, it's called Snake in the Grass, but the sign painted on it says The Rattle Snake, but I prefer Man in the Bush..thanks.

As you can see, Barron is having a great time screaming.

This coaster is actually better than the Cannonball Express.....I am so serial you guys!

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