Southport Pleasureland
Southport, England

Today we start off bright and early at Southport Pleasureland.

We have ERT in the fun house and stuff.

First up is mens only on the orgy wheel.

Couples only on this round which was Barry and his camera.

The boys call this move the Ninga Star!

Ewwww! I hope you washed your tounge.....Mr. Panther.

Pleasureland does not discriminate agaist miDgets.

So the girls skipped off to the restroom only to find that it was closed.....suckers!

First credit was Kings Solomon's Mine, a wooden mouse.

This thing looks crazy!

The carts actually tilt sideways when you hit those turns.

I sure hope this thing is safe up in hurr.

Everyone is sssssoooo excited to get they ride on.

Big Mike loved his ride on the little woodie.

You can't go anywhere with the stalkarazzi chasing you!

I guess this means we won't be riding the flyers today.

Next credit is the Cyclone.

Some dude voted it #1, so everyone just went with it I guess.

Derek and Nicole are ready to ride some rough wood.....and the coaster.

Ummmm yeah hi. What is up with that lift hill being all crooked and shizzz??

I sure hope this thing is safe.

Where did the ocean go? I hope a tsunami is not coming. I still have credits to get!

Check out that first drop.

Look out for the tree!

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