Myrtle Beach Area-atories
Ummm yeah, hi!

So yea, we went to the beach this weekend.
EXCLUSIVE! Hard Rock Park construction. Dirt everywhere you look.

The entire property is fenced off now, including the old Fantasy Harbor Theater.

Behind the theater is plies of sand and whatknought and whathaveyou.

There was this queen blowing the horn also.

So yeah, here is our luxurious condo view.

Look, it's Brian. Here he is modeling his new "Jeffrey Shirt" as he calls it.

Fish stick is here also. Today she will be playing the role of Laura Ingalls.

This is quite cozy up in this trailer.

So James went out on the balcony in his underwear and we locked him out.

He smashed his ass up against the glass until we all got sick and let him in.

Let's go get somewheres in Brian's redneck car.

Alicia is trying to catch bugs. I guess she is hungryatories.

Nice air freshener ghetto boy.

Yeah hi lets go deuce Tripps and get our eat on.

Fish love steak. Brian is all, yea, u need to put out for luxurious filet.

Piggy got a large dessertatations.

James flipps out when we sees the bill.


Time for after dinner drinks at the Kiss Coffee Hizzzouse.

Kiss boots are the bomb.

Rockuccino! This place will put Starbucks out of bizzzz.

No James, that is deKISSanated. Get some MoccoPaulStanley.

Yeah hi here we are at MF aquarium.

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