Paramount's Carowinds

Paramount's Carowinds had their first Christmas event this year and Steve and Karen joined us to check it out. It was cold but excitment was in the air!

As I can appreciate any feeble attempt of a park to make an exciting Christmas event,
I was hoping it would be totally ghetto. I was shocked that it was pretty sweet!

The entrance looked great. There were moving projections on the sidewalks and of course, Christmas lights. So far so good.

Leave it to Steve to hold us up with his HUGE fanny pack.

Wow, this looks awesome.

They even had snow machines blowing real snow errrwhere...coolness.

Karen tries to catch a few flakes. This would be her highlight of the night due to the fact that she will not ride roller coasters....OR the flyers, yet Steve continues to date her!

James was most excited because he got to show off his new Isotoners.

Here we have the Winter Queen, me keepin it real, and of course, a Paramount's Carowinds employee dressed in a prom dress or something.

More nice Christmas stuff. This is the machine that lights up the tree.

First order of business, get James something he can cram in his mouth to keep him from bitching about the cold.

Steve stole this fanny pack from a midget and now regrets it becuase it totally slows our roll. Nice hat Corkey.

I can't put my finger on it, but I swear I am having a deja vu moment.

I am really impressed with how great the park looks. The best thing however was the fact that they are running TOP GUN and the FLYERS as well.

Let's talk a walk towards the Nick Central area and see what they have ova they.


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