Paramount's Carowinds

Brian, aka Homey G, and I went to Carowizzle, to meet Robb, Elissa, Quaker, and Maxsizzle. James stayed home to work.

Carowinds has a lot of rollizzle coasters.

Elissa is explaining to us how to order plain pasta in Japanese.

Robb and Luskas enjoys Goldrusher's 10 minute ride before the lift. Dude in back is trying to be a Heather.....don't look at my camera motherfacko!

The BORG line was crazy for a dead ass Thursday.

Elissa was sick, but then I told her she could ride the flume between my legs....
and as you can see, she was THRILLED!

Brian was sooooo jealous.

But at least he got wet.

Here we are going up the lift on Hurler, my 2nd most roughest coaster behind Cheetah.

Robb and Brian sat in front of me and felt on each other.

Sooooo smooooth.

Peeps on Borg.

Same as above.

Robb has been Ass Simulated.

Brian is attempting to keep in real in the 9Quad.

So we rode Vortex and shizznizzle.

This was Quakerboy's most FAVORITE coaster EVER!


Top Gun is always the bomb!

Robb has a video camera you guys, did you know that?

We sooo love Chick-Fil-izzle!

Next stop, Myrtle Beach Pavilion...beeyatch!