Paramount's Carowinds

James and I decided to go to Carowinds on their opening day weekend to meet up with some peeps and perps.

No rides are closed. This is a good sign.

Any park with a Tera entrance is a good park,

Here we are at Paramizzle, Carowizzle.

Jame be so glad he got a free Platinum upgrade, so it will match his grill.

We met up with Sean becuase he was hatin' that we now have his flyers.

Sean is explaning to James the art of snapping...."not with your fingers, girl!"

As you can see, the parking lot was empty, so it was an excellent day.

Top Gun is the shizznizzle as usual.

Except here where it almost stops.

Here is a view of the whole layout. This pic is HUGE, so save it and view.

Sean, don't be scurred, the backwards side is the smoothest

The nerd magnet was working today,

Mmmmmmm, I think I will have the "Joanie Loves Chicken Sandwich...

...and a pound of waffle, make that 2 pounds."

We got multiple rides on Drop Zone without getting off.

The flyers are out of control.

We really likes they flyers. Don't be jealous Sean.

Oh, I almost forgot, here is the Bord Ass Stimulator.

"It's soooo smooth!"


Next stop, Six Flags Over Georgia!