A tour of PARIS on a Segway!

James and I decided that we did not want to look like a bunch of American tourists, so we strapped on a helmet and hopped on a Segway.

Ahhh...the busy city that is Paris.

Here are some buildings. They could be cheap hotels, but they look awesome.

Here is where Napoleon, not Dynamite, went to military school and got kicked out.

James says he feels so international.

Here is where Napoleon's tomb be.

These little Smart cars are everywhere. We want one!

Heading toward the Grand Palace.

Here is our view from a park cafe' that we stopped at to eat some Paris food....which consists of mostly bread and Coca Cola light with hardly no ice!

Yeaaa, we made it to the Louvre!

More historical stuff in front of the Louvre. People were more impressed with the Segways than the freakin Paris stuff.

This is where some scene from a James Bond movie was shot, and James LOVES James Bond movies.

Hi, I want to go to the tower thingy back they please.

See the Grand Palace? This building is what Jim Bakker, from the PTL, was going to build in Fort Mill, SC at Heritage USA.

It was not going to be an exact replica, but it was going to be close.

Corkey likes his helmet!

More historical buildings and stuff.

..and more here. This is the Musee d'Orsay. It's like, got art in it and stuff.

Here is where a bunch of peeps got they heads chopped off.

I love helmets!

Ahhhhhh, the Eiffel Tower!

Let's go run over some tourists!

The views are truely breathtaking!

And this is only from the first level, which we walked up... and I almost died!

Peoples looks like little ants.

We sho hoped you liked our tour of Paris. Holla back and keep it real!

Next, Parc Asterix!