Parc Asterix

It's time to catch the TGV train to the airport.

James is scured becuase at Parc Asterix, peeps don't speak English.

Our train be here. After we get to the airport (in 9 minutes) we
catch a shuttle to Parc AssTricks!

Yeaaa! We are here!

It's totally empty!

See how lonley he looks?

I wanted to get it out of the way, so we rode Goudurix first!

OMG! It was not as rough as I had heard. Only like Ninja at SFOG rough.

James is such a tourist!

There it is. Tonnerre de Zeus!

Again, smoother than I thought. I loved it and James did too.

He has on a skirt. What a flammer! Ghey "Pa Ree".

We did have to wait a while for this ride, but eventually they got both trains running.

Can you spot the fruit in the pic?

This was a fun coaster also. Especially on the part where you almost slam into the loading station.

Wicked cool.

Parc Asterix had a lot of cool theming and was bigger than I expected.

They did have a cool looking flume ride, but it was cold and I was not trying to get wet. All these peeps in France seemed to love it tho.

ELL OH ELL! James kills me! You are FUNNY!

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