Pembrokeshire, Wales

Today we visit Oakwood!

Big Mike is representin' his GAP Battle Winner t-shirt. Word!

We are all representin' and now ready to ride some coasters!

First is ERT on Speed. I rode even though I did have a complaint about the way the record industry treated Nancy Wilson. Who cares how big she was? She could sing!!

Speed is Oakwood's new Eurofighter.

I am ret to ride!

Check out that lift hill....wow!

We is going str8 up 90 degrees....

....and down 95 degrees!

What massive airtime we have here!

After a second airtime hill, you hit this over banked turn...

..then into a huge vertical loop...

..then into a small break run and then a barrel roll.

Check out all the twisted track.

Big Mike looks like he is having a fab time.

James really liked Speed.

The toilet bowl effect at the end was great also.

This Eurofighter is off the hinDges!

Catrina is getting hungry. Lunch is later!

You can see Megaphobia in the distance in this pic.

Twisting and whatknought.

BTW, don't even think about bringing dogs on this ride.

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