New Year's Weekend

(exclusive Cameraphone PTR betch!)

How ya'll durin? So this weekend Jarsh and Brandi came down to Columbia so Jarsh could interview for his job. We let them stay here in our guest house.

Saturday night we met up with Steve and Karen and Ford to go to Miyo' fav Chinese/Sushi's the bomb.

After that we went to Marbel Slab next door. What a re re.

We found out about the Good News Adventure Club!

So Steve takes us to an EXCLUSIVE backstage tour of the movie theater!

It's total luxury!

James and Ford played rock star...but Ford just wanted to ram his guitar up James' ass.

Looks like this theater is emtpy.

That is the film projector...just an FYI.

I found the exclusive "projectionists" only bathroom.

They don't want nobody dropping bombs up in hurr.

Oh well....

Here is my pee OV.

Heeeey, look what Steve is going to give me! Sweeney Todd was really good.

Ford thanks you all for his "my house burned down" gifts.

Sunday we took Jarsh and Brandi to Lowes...they have never seen one before.

They only have merchantiles where they is from.

Look what I got to go with the cordless drill James bought me for Kawanza.

Brandi clings to the tile she likes....gurl, they gots more.

Then Brandi did some shower modeling....

I feels like a Transexual...I mean, Transformer!

Monday night we went to Carolina wings before our bowling new years party.

We had an hour to spare before 10pm, so I was forced to go to this store that I hate...HEEEEEYYYYY!

I found these, and sent a pic to Brooks. He flipped out and said he was on his way to Columbia to buy them cause they were selling like hot cakes on eBay.

So we bought them all! They were on clearance!

We started bowling at 10pm.

Jarsh had gas.

And the lights were about to go out. For the rest of the story, check Karen and Brandi's photos cause I aint got a flash on my phone camera. There was nachos, farting, and "let's see how far you can swallow that bottle" contests. HAPPY NEW YEAR!