New Years Eve Deucethousand and Five Get Deucegether @ Tommy & James' Crib!

SSince it's New Year's Eve and all, James and I decided to invite a few peeps ova for a
little get together and whatknought since we aint bar queens like some of our
good friends are <cough> Joe C. <cough>.

I'm kinda worried becuase I don't cook and we need food to feed these peeps.
Some of them are ACE members after all.

We have pleanty of liquor, wine, and Cristal beyatches.

Let's me check in fridge and see what I can whip up at a moments notice.

There! That should keep them happy enough until midnight. We usually have our events catered but this was a last minute thing so whateva.

Brian and Alicia are here! Alicia is recovering from her sinus surgery, but it has not affected her appitite for food....or Brian.

Here is one of our friends Larry, who brought his own Mountain Dew...she's ghetto.

Steve, AKA Mulchpuppy, and Karen showed up also. Here they are talking to our house boi Paul about stupid know, like movies and stuff.

Steve is such a lush.

Karen drank like 50 mimosas.

I did not drink at all. I am Str8 edge.

The funny thing about this photo is that it could have been taken ANY night of the year.

So about 10 minutes before 2006 Alicia gets a wicked nose bleed, but this did
not affect Brian's spirit in the festivities.

Ok you guys, it's almost 2006. You know what that means?
New amusement park trips bizznitches!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's Deucethousand and Six!

Brian was mad becuase his first kiss of the year came from a girl!

And I kissed a girl also! Eeewwwww youuuuuuu!

Um yeah, Hi... Steve. Can you not double first the Cristal PLEASE?

Happy New Year from all the peeps representin the G.A.P. like whuuut?

Hey Daaaaddys in the fire gear!

Steve is all..." I'm out this bitch!"
Hope everyone has a great new year and whatknought! Peace out hos!