Magic Kingdom

So our 3rd and final park of the day is the Magic Kingdom!

Wait....something does not look right.

Um yeah hi. You almost fooled me you crazy imagineers!

So yeah it stormed and we got caught in it running to It's a Small World, or what
Mike likes to call, "I'm a grower".

Mark got his emo jacked wet.

Brandi could not wait to put on more foundation....what a whore!

James sure is in a good mood to be all wet and whatknought!

Ford likes they Haunted Mansion...

...and Jeffrey and Josh likes to cruise the urinals.

Next we stopped at the Tiki try to warm up.

Then we rode the train into Jarsh's rosebud.

Stripes and stripes. It's a couple thing.

They were playing my latest YouTube video on the television.

Sorry JJ, that pass will get you no access either, except to the gambling thread.

Now for the lamest ride ever!

There was so many rockets left over, so I don't know why Mike had to sit in
Jarsh's lap....well, yes I know why.

Wow, what a fun and exciting day we had today!

Here is you a HUGE pic to right-click and save as....your WELCOME!

And this was all that was dry on Mike....anywhere!


Next stop, Animal Kingdom!