Walt Disney World Resort
Disney MGM Studios

Joe was awesome and parked us in staff parking so that we could walk about 3 miles.

Yeah hi. We need to go get RnR fast passes while Jeffrey checks us into The Brown Durby.

"Yeah hi, I also want TOT fast passes."

Dollywood's Tower Of Terror looks great.

Ok so we got RNR passes and Joe had an idea of trading these DCA TOT fast passes
from last year for MGM TOT passes today. Will it work?

Joe, in P House fashion, creeps up to the unexpecting TOT cast member.

Umm, yeah, it worked. 3 people for each pass, kthanksbye.

Time for a luxurious lunch.

There is so much to choose from...what will I gets?

James got a beer just in the nick of time before he had a BF.

Joe had to get a more fruity drink to match his fruity personality.

As you can see, my lunch got the "Foo Foo Award" for presentation
.....plus it came with a hair accessory.

James: Pretty food just taste better.
Jeffrey: Ohhhh, it IS pretty.
Joe: Mmmmmm, this tastes so....sooo..... free.

Hi, now it's time to get on RNR with our passes.

"See, the shirt is referring to the way I eat like a horse, not that I get rode like one"

I believe this pic rivals Jarsh's drunk ACEr photo, and might be even better.

Ummm yeah, let's go scam our way on TOT again.

See, you don't know nothing about this..yea, it's a written gift certificate to get on RnR whenever we want deuce...thaaaaanks.

This is the hat with ears....it rivals, the Epcot ball and Tree Of Life.

Sharing diet coke is fun with friends.....even if said friends don't put in on this and I paid for it and he didn't but had to put his mouf all ova it.

If you look real hard, you can see DCA in the distance.

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