Myrtle Beach Pavilion

The Pavilion will close forever after this season, so we wanted to visit it one last time. In SC, the Myrtle Beach Pavilion is as famous, if not more famous, than Walt Disney World and it's unreal to imagine Myrtle Beach without it.

There used to be an Arrow corkscrew roller coaster in the Pavilion. It was relocated from another extinct Myrtle Beach park called Magic Harbor,and was located where the lift hill
is on Hurricane Category 5.

Since Derek is not from SC, he is only concerned with getting his 3 new credits.

We bought a bunch of tickets to get our ride on.

The Pavilion was a lot more busy than the other parks we visited today.

This gives new meaning to "Butt Pirate".

Look at all the metal on that wooden coaster.

It looks like the other train has already been removed from the transfer track.

Well, the ride was pretty bad, but not as bad as Cheetah or the Georgia Cyclone.

Brian throws me the secret G.A.P. signal to alert me of someone representin' a gap.

Here I model a brand new way to wear your fanny pack that will have people asking,
"Is he really an ACE member, or a high fashion runway model?"

The organ was down, but I guess there hard-core organ enthusiast
are going to wait anyway.

This is the signage on the side of the organ.

There is talk that they may keep this organ on display when they build whatever they are building on the land here.

Derek finds his third credit, the Little Eagle. I think this is a custom kiddie.

This will complete all his Myrtle Beach credits, so he can go drink beer again now.

The Haunted Hotel is a very cool dark ride and had the longest line today.

Derek spots some middle school girls and seems intrigued.

Brian be all scurred to ride, so he sits out.

Here is a history of horror for you to enjoy.

Ahhhh, yes. We are in the luxuriousness of Myrtle Beach. Brian gets a shot of the back end which reads, "Dixie Chick" and has another rebel flag on her ass. High class Wal-Mart potiental here.

I am so glad there is scare conditioning up in hurr.

"Room service. I have Mr. Lee's shrimp cocktail."

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