Grand Prix Park
Myrtle Beach, SC

This was my first visit to the ghetto fabulous Grand Prix Family Thrill Park.

As you see, you can get real close to they Crazy Mouse rolley coaster.
Here Brian gives some fans a high five.

Here is some of the "theming" on the Crazy Mouse. I guess it's a crazy lion and a crazy rhino? Lovely wooden footers only complement this coaster.

Derek really fits in with the Myrtle Beach clientelle which frequent this park.

So yeah, this is my first Wacky Worm credit. I am refering to a coaster of course.

Derek's credit whore-ness is rubbing off on me. Here we go up the lift hill.

The first turnaround. From this height, you can see some of they rides.

When not filming us, Brian was filming this birthday pary going on at the park.

James was in charge of holding my fanny pack.

Twently minutes later, we are two credits richer, and ready to move on.
Oh yeah, Derek and Brian distroyed a fence.

Next Stop, Family Kingdom!