Walt Disney World Resort
The Magic Kingdom

Here we are at the first park built at WDW, The Magic Kingdom!
This update could also be called "Joe's portfolio".

Remember the thing James bought at Epcot..the BF? Well, this is the conclusion to that. Here James looks all excited becuase he is going to put this item in a locker. Only he finds out that it will not fit so a BF then follows. Jeffrey thought of turning it in to package pick up so they took it, and so then James should be happy, right? Wrong. Once you get mad, you must maintain the BF attitude until you forget what you are mad for in the first place.

They castle is all decorated for they celebration of a bunch of years.

We went to Space Mountain first to see if Joe could exchange some old fast passes
for more new ones....because we don't like to wait in lines.

Don't take my picture, I am still mad about something, but I just can't remember what.

So yeah hi. We got 2 rides in a row because we have the hook ups. The wait was over 100 minutes....ha ha hhhaaaaHAHAHHAAAAA!

I really like the new people powered People Mover attraction.
This is amazing technology!

On to the show that put James back in a good mood.
Yeeaaah, the baby Jesus is smiling again!

"Hi Tommy, can you take some pics of me? I need some new ones for my jockbod.com
web listing and I have been practicing my new butch look!"

"What about this one? It's like I am saying, "you amuse me" "

This stroller hell is worse than scooter hell at........Dollywood.

He totally stole those 3-D glasses! You are HA LARRY US!

"What about this one? Will this attract any hot daddies with cash?"

Thank GOD she had the headlight option or I would have not seen her coming
and got ran over!

"How about a kinda side profile, laughing shot?".

It was time for a feeding for James to maintain the good attitude.

I bet you were thinking, where is a pic of Tommy?

Practicing good posture is fun with friends.

We decided to see what it was like being like normal people,
so we waited in line for BTMR. We did not like it.

"Yeah Jeffrey, I really think that pretty much any pic of me is hot, don't you agree?"


After hanging out with the help, we needed to wash our hands. We were thrilled to find
directions in the restroom which saved us from having to think on our own!

So night falls and it's time to go get our eat on at The California Grill!


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