London and The London Eye
London, England

So we arrive in London and take the Hotel Hoppa bus from Heathrow airport to the hotel
we are staying at.

So yeah, wrong Holiday Inn. There are 3 Holiday Inn's at the airport. The bus driver could barely speak English so we opted for a taxi to take us to the correct Holiday Inn. That is what we get for trying to take a bus and not be luxurious and take a taxi.

Here is James' new friend he met on the Underground and helped with her with her bags. Awww, he did a good deed....sucker!

The London Eye! We made it.

This thing is freakin' huge! Each pod holds like 20 people or something.

The wheel is suspended over water and gives you a great view of London.

Don't hate because I am chillin' in London and stuff.

We are getting pretty high. Those dirty British people below look like ants.

Here you can see Big Ben and Parliment. They Parliment is not like the one in Orlando frequently visited by Joe and Jeffrey.

What a great view! It takes about 30 minutes to go all the way around.

Here we are at the very top.

Going back down.

Here is our luxurious on-ride photo. Yeah HI...we wanted ours alone, thanks.

So the Eye was a great start to our UK vacation.

We found some peeps representin' the GAP...hollaa!

Here you can see how the Eye is over the river.

We decided to walk over the bridge like tourists.

James paid like 5 pounds for some peanuts, which is like $10....sucker!

Heeeeeey Daddy with the British fish!

Peeps up in this trailer like to get they Segway on deuce.

Yea this is Big Ben.

London is pretty much the lick.

We have many fans in London...REPRESENT!

Now to take the Underground back to the hotel.

I really was never meant to drive myself. I was made to be driven.

James gives London a thumbs up!

Next Stop, Chessington Worlds Of Adventures!