Lightwater Valley
Ripon, England

Welcome to the "Family Sized Theme Park."

We start the morning with ERT on The Ultimate!

I should have heeded the warning of the little sign, but I chose to ignore! Ok, so it was not THAT bad in the back, but that is like saying that getting shot in the arm is not as bad as getting shot in the still hurts.

So this was the que. We only had one train running but....

...the train is like a mile long.

Can you see the front of the train?

Here we are on the second lift. If you look way in the back, you can see the first lift. Ok so both of these lifts take like 5 minutes to climb, but you can find many things to do to pass the time. Here Dave tells us some stories about "VaKooma" coasters, as they call them in Maine.

If you bring your gun with you, you can shoot at those targets before the drop.

Nicole is all "I hope I don't get OTR before we reach the top of this lift."

Derek: I wonder if I remembered to turn off the stove.

"I really miss my dogs." Seeing all the bunnies dodge the trains on the Ultimate
reminds me of my Chihuahuahs back at home.

Derek really REALLY likes The Ultimate!

Stop it before Nicole sees you! Eeewwww!

The remote control ducks were especially fun.

What a luxurious toilet. Talk about a throne.

This is the entrance to the underground coaster, The Rat Ride.

You are basically walking though a sewer to get to the coaster.

James is excited about they carousel spinning coaster...oops, I mean
Crazy Mouse spinning coaster.

Oh look, two more credits!

This is really scurry James. I am gonna hold on like Wilson Phillips.

Big Mike takes a ride on the big ole Grizzly Bear....heeeey daddy!

Ok guys, make sure you do not smoke on this coaster!
The gas in the back is very flammable!

Barron and Kristie are having fun....on the Grizzly Bear. Pervs!

Yeah hi, I'm not into bears that much but I know Brian is, so this pic is for him.

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